How it works

See how a review funnel can capture positive reviews and gather feedback

Send customers to your review funnel

Use either your uproar URL eg. “”
or embed your review widget directly on your site. Customers that click the thumbs up button will be sent directly to places you need reviews the most.

On google my business our software not only finds your map address for you. It will lead a customer directly to the form to leave a review if they are signed in to Google!

Catch negative reviews and get valuable feedback instead

Give your customers a voice. Most customers just want their needs met. If you do not provide an outlet for them to contact you directly, you will end up with negative reviews online.

Upon pressing the thumbs down button. Customers are presented with a feedback form. They will have the option of contacting you via email directly to resolve any issues and give you feedback on what went wrong.

Take control of your online reputation

Better reviews. Less headaches. All of our customers see a huge increase in organic real reviews when using our funnel. Enjoy a simpler way to manage your reputation

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