About Uproar.to

Uproar is a bootstrapped solo founder SaaS. Started by myself and my wife Yadanar. The sole reason uproar exists is to give small business a way of getting more online reviews by making the process more convenient. Reviews are becoming more important to the success of brick and mortar businesses due to the rise of review sites like Yelp and getting decent rankings on google maps requires a lot of positive reviews from real customers.

The spark

I had the idea for uproar back in 2016. I was reading a forum post on blackhatworld about sending printouts of negative reviews that businesses were getting via direct snail mail with dice inside in order to sell them review management services. The person offering the service eventually ended up pitching prospects on a review funnel not unlike the feedback buttons you see in some larger shops, airports and malls. That way they could gather feedback from their customers. I thought that this was brilliant. Using a review funnel a business get way more reviews simply by asking for them. Even more importantly, they could gather feedback from customers when something was wrong.

The development process

My background is in SEO/Ecommerce mostly due to the fact that I never wanted to learn how to code. It was too difficult and I was not smart enough. I told myself this multiple times, probably as a way of avoiding the difficult task of putting my nose to the grinder for however long it would take. I had tried and failed to learn anything more than surface level coding skills for years. I am thirty years old at the time of writing this. I’ve tried to learn Java, C#, Python, Ruby and even had a brief sint with Visual Basic. Each time it got tough I made my excuses and quit. I needed to learn how to code in order to build this software and given my track record surely this time would be no different. However as you can tell, this time it was different. I found an online Bootcamp called The Odin Project (TOP). In October 2018 I started the program and by September the next year my uproar was complete.

Future Plans

I am going to run this site as long as the running costs of the site nearly on par with the profits. I feel like the service it provides is subtle but invaluable for a small business such as a restaurant, photographer etc. There are a lot of features that I plan on implementing over the next six months to a year, that will make this small widget SaaS a lot more fully fledged. Including but not limited to a Javascript type widget, Text review request system and more robust review monitoring in the dashboard. Thanks for taking the time to read about why I started Uproar. Uproar Founder, Alex Overend